4 SEO Tips To Help You Shoot Up The Rankings

I talk to a lot of business owners, and most of them don’t know what SEO does. So, here’s a quick overview:

Tip #1: Careful Keyword Usage
You want to make sure you use your main keywords in the title, the URL, and in the first paragraph, but try to keep from using it much beyond that. Use related keywords, synonyms, and don’t overdue it. Careful keyword usage is critical. We know a Phoenix SEO company (www.localleadlink.com) that does great keyword research and content writing.

Tip #2: Buy An SSL
If you’re buying anything or collecting e-mail addresses you should have an SSL for security anyway (this is what makes an http:// a https://). Aside from security, Google has confirmed that having an SSL gives you a minor to moderate rankings boost.

Tip #3: Keep Up A Blog
Google loves new, original content. They love quality content, and if you write even one post a week of 500 words, that’s 25,000 more words of content that your website can rank for while also building authority and trust.

Tip #4: Avoid Black Hat SEO
Black Hat or shady SEO will often get amazing short term results, but it always gets caught eventually. Once a site has been slapped by Google for blackhat SEO techniques, it is virtually impossible to build it back up again. Don’t fall for quick schemes, they will fail you in the long haul.