Get Your Small Business Ranked With These SEO Tips

Getting your small business noticed online requires a good website, some smart marketing, and ideally a decent social media presence. Throw in some quality local search engine optimization (SEO) and then you’re on to something!

One of the first steps as a small business for SEO is to make sure you get claiming. Make sure Google, Yahoo, and Bing all know about your website, and get Map and Business listings for all three search engines, as well! These go a long way to giving you basic links and making sure your website gets seen.

The next step is making sure everything on page is set the way it needs to be. That means having easy to find contact information, mentioning the town your business is based in and maybe a few surrounding ones (but don’t spam long lists!), and writing enough content on each page so you can rank locally for all your service names.

If you have any social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, you definitely want to connect those and link to any new blog posts from all three of those pages.

These are small steps but they go a long way to making you a local online authority!