Hello and Welcome!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by Hayloft Media. I started this company with the goal of helping people  – individuals or businesses – to improve their website ranking on the search engines. This blog is about some tips that one can use to improve, and the strategies used to move your site forward.

Anyone running a business knows how important it is to be found online. Having the best website doesn’t do any good if nobody can find it. While search engine optimization is often seen as complicated, often times a few quick tips can be enough to create huge results.

1) Buy An SSL
This is a minor to moderate benefit for search engine optimization, and seems poised to be one of the next big things. This is one of the few things you can purchase, setup, and then see an instant SEO boost from. The extra security is just a bonus.

2) Use Headers
You want to use real headers and sub-headings and not just bold. Include keywords of some type in them and you’ll get a little bit of a boost for those words. It’s an oldie but still works.

3) Google+
Every post should be tagged from one (or more) Google+ accounts, especially if you can tie a longtail keyword in from that account. To no one’s surprise, Google really loves Google+.

4) Original Content
Quality of content matters, and making sure your content is original matters. If you provide high quality and original content, you’ll be in great shape when it comes to SEO.

There are over 200 different factors both on site and off site that affect the overall ranking of a website, which is part of the reason many people are intimidated by the prospect of SEO. That being said, the good news is that some factors mean a lot more than others and in all but the most competitive of niches making just a few basic adjustments can make all the difference.

The first tip is to write naturally and if you’re not a good writer, hire someone who is. The quality of content matters immensely. Google doesn’t want to see keyword stuffing. They want completely original and high quality content and reward it accordingly. If you don’t have good content, all the small tips in the world won’t add up to page one rankings.

A second excellent tip is to find good backlinks. Many people have blown this off altogether, but it’s still one of the most important steps for ranking in Google. The key is for the anchor text to be your website or business name, and from a trusted website in the same or similar field (think context). Those are the links you want.